Feb 10, 2011

|| sad today ||

the person i love the most is hurting.
...because she is lonely
...because she is single
...because she can't lose weight
...because she doesn't have a kid

and, it is just not right.

when someone strives to be a good person and do the right thing, you think that good would come to them. what is it going to take for her? what happened to the whole "i will give you the desires of your heart" thing?


it is not because i don't want to follow rules or go to church, its because someone who does (better than anyone else i know) is completely unhappy. she cries at night, alone in her bed. she cries when she gets off the scale. she cries when she leaves family holidays because she doesn't have her own family.

it is effed up. she isn't asking for a million dollars, or a giant house. she just wants a life.