Oct 13, 2010

|| holding on ||

sometimes we forget where we come from. we forget to hold on to the things that mean the most to us. we forget that we are special, and the people around us are special. and we forget to tell them...

i try to tell the people i'm close to that how much i care. sometimes i say it, sometimes i go out of my way to be nice. sometimes i just smile and let it be.

maybe we lose sight of those things we care so much for because we are distracted. distracted by money, job, love (or lack there of...), the economy, the government, the oil spills, the terrorists, tv, church...

starting now, i refuse to lose sight.

value is determined by so many variables. while a new drumset might be worth more monetarily, it doesn't hold the memories of the old one you had as a kid.

so, today, i choose to find value...value is something that is worthwhile, that is meaningful, and that makes my life better. today, i choose my friends and my family. today, i choose to smile when i dont feel like it. today, i choose to hold on to life.


  1. I'm sorry we were all so worn out on Monday night.

  2. its all good, that amazing mac and cheese put me in sleepy land.