Sep 24, 2010

|| out to dry ||

the past 2 months have been 2 of the hardest.

people who claim to be my friends and supporters, have not. i know people care about me. i know my family does too. (i mean, i do have the best family in the world.) it is just the friendships. i spend time with my friends for many, common interests, connection, laughter.

i claim to be a loyal guy. i don't talk noise about my friends, i don't talk behind their backs. i am patient and understanding. i am protective, if not over-protective.

what is it going to take to find someone to care mutually for me?

to think that even the "friends" who have felt some of the same betrayals i feel now would betray me might be the saddest. where i come from, you treat others how you want to be treated. even thought it is a wonderful thought, it obviously doesn't always pay off the way it should.