Jul 29, 2010

|| wrong number ||

"good morning. i had a great time with you the other night. missing you already, love ya!!!"
--at 7am

waking up to this was overwhelmingly confusing, as i am not coherent for the first 2 hours of being awake. i wish i could tell you more, but my responses only yielded..."sorry, wrong number."

that's too bad. i'm sure somebody must be really awesome. and i'm sure somebody might really like that message. but that somebody is obviously not me. oh well.

Jul 22, 2010

|| mayer ||

Sometimes I get the itch to go out for a drink thinking I might miss meeting the woman of my dreams, but then I realize the woman of my dreams isn’t at a bar at 12:36 on a Wednesday morning. No, the woman of my dreams is asleep in bed with her lame boyfriend she’s only now beginning to see is lame. Nice enough guy, but no passion or curiosity. It was cute when he called her babe at first but now it’s just lazy and distant sounding. The woman of my dreams just twitched in her sleep because I mentioned her. The woman of my dreams is not usually twitchy. The woman of my dreams likes Family Guy but doesn’t LOVE Family Guy. The woman of my dreams will engage in conversations that don’t necessarily cater to her in exchange for my moving quickly through the shop talk. The woman of my dreams has to be up at 7am. Maybe the woman of my dreams is at the gym, not the bar. I better get to bed.

--john mayer

Jul 21, 2010

|| nyc ||

man i love that place.

it is beautiful and inspiring. it was really hot this time around, but i still enjoyed everything that ny brings. the buildings, the cabs, the late nights...the lights.

the people, who keep to themselves 99% of the time, only to open up with a smile to a stranger. it blows my mind. so much humanity. so much raw emotion.

i feel real when i'm there. dont ask me why, i dont know. i just know i feel like crap as soon as i'm back. something is off. something sucks. people talk about dallas being one of the "faker" cities, and i get it. i see it. i defend my home when others talk noise, but my defense becomes weaker by the day.

Jul 14, 2010

|| work ||

is about to consume me.

the next few weeks are going to be insane. i like to think that i am ready, but it is not likely. so, if you dont hear from me for a while...you know why.

also, i'm going to nyc this weekend. i cant wait. shopping AND a yankee game. amazing.

see you on the other side.

Jul 8, 2010

|| lebron ||

we dont care anymore. just pick a team.

we know you like the attention, and you think you are a big deal and all...but we are sick of you. its not funny, its not cute, its not cool. getting people's hopes up? why?

you pride yourself on where you are from and your hometown roots...but if you go on national tv and go to another team...that whole state will hate you. forget your hometown, the whole state.

flirting with new york and new jersey...they have both been pining and planning for you for 2 years, and you are going to leave them hanging.

so that leaves miami and chicago. we all know you are scared that you'll never be jordan, and let's be honest, you won't ever be...its ok. and miami, all your boys down there...have fun being second fiddle to wade. we all know you want that...

the ballsy choice is nyc, but i dont think you have the stones. i mean, i want you to...just dont think you can do it.

so, what's it going to be kiddo? break your home state's heart? chicken out on nyc and nj? try to be like mike? or play second fiddle to wade?

good luck.