Jun 17, 2010

|| little engine ||

i think i am reaching
out of my league
but i think its ok
this time

i think i might be
let down again
but that is nothing
well nothing new

i think i am scared
the good kind
but i am still uneasy
to say the least

i think i can get
it, happy
but it may not be
this way

i think i found
some similarities
but the possibilities
are the exciting part

i think i can
i think i can
i think i can

Jun 10, 2010

|| glee ||

fine, i admit it...

i have seen every episode of glee.

(process it....breathe...moving on)

i was a lot like those kids when i was in high school. i was in choir AND band. yeah, both. a friend was telling me that the producer/writer/creator...or whatever he was...was using the show as a way to vent his childhood issues. that's fine and dandy in my book...but he definitely reached further than that.

knowing how i felt in high school when i had competitions and performances...he struck every nerve in my body. so, well done.

Jun 2, 2010

|| empty ||

ever feel like you have nothing else to give?

i get this way a lot...where all the being nice, and polite, and social just wears me out. don't get me wrong, i love people. i love getting to know someone, caring for someone. but sometimes, i am just done trying. i am empty. used up.

it is honestly about a week a month that i just stop being me. i crawl into my own space and avoid people. i guess it is good that people don't usually notice.