May 25, 2010

|| crazy heart ||

mitch and i watched "crazy heart" on sunday...

and it was awesome. i saw that it was up for awards and i have no idea if it won any...but it should have. a lot of people who aren't musicians think its always fun and games. but it is not. there are fun times...and as a musician, i love nothing like i love music (god aside for the moment). making music and playing for other people is an amazing high. to me, it never gets old playing music that i love for people who want to hear it.

i literally have tons of people in my life that think it is so awesome that i get to play shows and stuff...they don't realize that music has baggage, and being a musician is sometimes a curse. its not just playing music. its not just sitting in with a band. its not just playing notes. its not just making a record. for most musicians, it is a heartbeat. without it, we would be chickens with our heads cut off. not knowing how to function/act/love/eat.

luckily, we find a way to play so we can function. i guess some guys/gals need it more desperately than me...but i feel the need all the time. i don't obsess about it, but my heart burns without it.

back to the point, this movie actually shows a lot of those holds that music has on a person's life. it shows how hard it is to function without it. how lonely and empty that life can be. how addicting and controlling the life of a musician can be.

if you are my friend, i hope you watch it and learn a little about me, and all musicians. for now, this is the story of my life.


May 19, 2010

|| lost (and 24) ||

i wish i had never been sucked in. this is the most ridiculous show ever.

i am a man of logic and reasoning...and this is just so completely far-fetched. i mean, at one point it was rational enough to love, and now its just a matter of getting answers.

does anyone think they are actually going to answer all the questions? i think the show has gotten a little full of itself. even 24 has gone this way a little bit too. i mean, 2 massive shows nearing their actual end (and not season's end) is a big deal. but to think that people are watching it because they like it...i dont think so. everyone just wants to know the end so they can move on with their lives.

i mean, how many people on 24 are going to give their word. really? my friends would never say that...ever. plus, if someone his holding a gun to your head, your word isn't gonna hold up. not to mention, how many times can a suspect break the perimeter? you must really suck at setting up perimeters for them to get broken that often.

enough said...i can't wait for both seasons to be over, especially lost...

May 13, 2010

|| mexico ||

where to begin...

it was so good to be away...but it even better to be back. the sun was beautiful, and hot. we didnt see one drop of rain in 8 days, pretty incredible. we met people from all over the world...scotland, england, canada, ohio, virginia, boston....

i have never seen so many women as proud of their breasts, WHO WERE ALSO obese and old...just saying, i thought it was weird.

i'll admit, i thought para sailing would be a cinch, you know, since i have been skydiving...but i didnt like it. sean didnt either. we actually feared for our lives for a while there. it doesnt help that you sign a document where you purchase the ride, then when you get down to the beach, and then again when you get to the boat. why do i need to sign off 3 times?

the island trip was he best part. snorkeling, and seeing some of the slums, and cliffs...pretty rad. all the colors, and the clear blue water...amazing.

but i am back in one piece, with new meaning. i found a new me. there was just so much time to sit and think, that i was able to really look at where i was, and where i wanted to be. some things are clear, and some things are tbd...but it is going to be interesting going forward.