Apr 27, 2010

|| fixing the mavs ||

let's be realistic here. the mavs aren't coming back on the spurs. i wish they would...but they won't.

i think they have some of the peices to win eventually. so my thoughts are below...


sir dirk is obviously a stud. his clutch antics offensively, his very solid rebouding, and reasonable defense are nothing to walk away from yet. he is getting up in age though...so building a young team around him must be a priority. (1 yr $21 million)

staying on the positive side, matrix is a wonderful defender, adequate rebounder, and doesn't need any shots to be effective offensively as far as production in concerned. but he is also getting old. when this contract is up, his career will be also. (4 yrs $7.3 million +)

roddy b has a huge future, in my opinion. he is fast, can shoot, adequate ballahandling, and play defense. he still has a ton to learn, but we must build with this kid. his talent is way too much to overlook. (4 yrs $1.1 million +)

i like haywood. he is young enough and agile enough to be a piece of this team. he is definitely an asset. he rebounds alright, and blocks a fair amount of shots. i think he could get a little stronger, proven by duncan pushing him around. definitely resign. (o yrs $6 million)

jj is a great backup. he's not scared to go to the rim, and shoots really well when open. he gets his hands on a few passes here and there...but is somewhat a defensive liability...but he normally playing against 2nd string guys. so, i think he is worth keeping. i'm afraid he might want a lot more money at some point, and he's not worth too much more. (1 yr $1.8 million)

butler is a talented player and is definitely tenacious enough on defemse. problem is, he can't create his own shot consistently. his defense doesn't bother me, and his baggage doesn't either. but he's not worth the money...if he wants to restructure for 7=8 mil and a few years, he's worth it. (1 yr $10.6 million)

stevenson is good for defense only. and he is not worth 4 mil. maybe 2 or 3, but not 4 mil for a one way player. and he has crazy eyes, like ron artest crazy eyes...i don't trust him. (1 yr $3.8 million)

damp is what we thought he was. he is tough, can rebound and block shots. he is really limited on offense. therefore, his contract is impossible to defend. but as a guy off the bench, pounding other big men down under the basket? sure, he's great for that, just not for that money...7-8 mil for a few more years...ok i can do that. (1 yr $13 million)

then there is jkidd. the age is definitely showing, finally. i love that he improved his 3 point shot dramatically, and he still makes a spectacular play on d...on occasion. but the man can't keep up with the point guards of today. as stated with marion, when the contract is up, so is his career. hopefully he will teach roddy the way. (2 yrs $8.5 million +)

najera is nasty. and at this price, perfect for this team. (3 yrs $2.8 million -)

carroll is almost useless on this team as a player...his contract could be useful in a trade, but thats about it. (2 yrs $4.3 million -)

thomas is done with the mavs it seems, but we didnt waste too much money on him...decent move last year. (0 yrs $1 million)

and terry, the toughest to call...his 4th quarter scoring is valuable. he is not scared of the big shot, and passes better than people think. he is porous on defense, i know...and teamed with dirk late in the game, make the mavs terribly bad late in the game on the defensive end. (2 yrs $10.6 million +)


dirk, kidd, barea, marion, najera, and roddy are back for sure

INTERNAL OPTIONS...free agents
resign haywood

EXTERNAL OPTIONS...free agents
long shots-lebron james, chris bosh, dwayne wade
possibilities-joe johnson, ray allen, tyson chandler, tj ford, jermaine oneal, michael redd, luke ridnour, kurt thomas, francisco elson

-dirk, barea, kidd, roddy, haywood, najera, and marion are for sure back.
-i would try and pair damp with either terry or butler, and get a shot maker who can create...joe johnson would be perfect.
-then i would keep the one i didnt trade (terry or butler)
-at that point it would all be about backup center and point guard: ridnour, or ford
-then i would take a shot at someone like tyson chandler or ray allen, someone who can step right in and start



Apr 23, 2010

|| drumming ||

i think i want to start playing drums more...

should i join a band? i mean, the last band situation didnt end well...but it was great while it lasted. and other band situations were iffy at best. something was never quite right. maybe i'm a lifetime "gig"-er.

i guess i am just getting tired of gigs with random people. of course, its nice to be talented enough (and play with talented enough people) to be able to fit in and make good music...but i'm kind of in the mood to build a really strong continuity with one group of guys.

maybe i havent found the right music, or the right situation. just something i am thinking about. thoughts?

Apr 15, 2010

|| the countdown ||

19 days.

i will be in mexico with my friend sean. we'll be enjoying the sun, cold beverages, the "view"...

officially my first adult vacation. and a long one. its strange to think that i have gone 8 years without having one of these, but the timing couldn't be better. a time to get away from work. a time to get away from church. a time to get away from home.

i just need a break from it all. a break from the work grind, and cleaning house, and sunday mornings...a clean freaking break. work is obvious and cleaning house is obvious...and i love church...but to sleep in on a sunday? i don't know that feeling.

all that to say, 19 days.

Apr 12, 2010

|| you'd break your neck ||

...to keep your chin up - copeland

so, it has been a while since i wrote, my bad.

since we last talked, i had a birthday. yeah, number 29. i'm not scared of age. i mean, i look fwd to sitting on my front porch, reading the paper and drinking coffee until noon because i have nothing better to do. wearing linen pants, and playing golf...old man life is gonna be awesome.

the birthday party was a blast. lunch at blue goose, on to dubliner, and eventually milo's for a fun filled day, topped of with final four games that night. i saw so many friends that day, it was hard to keep track of everyone who dropped by...but to those who did, thanks.

i also saw copeland play a few weeks back, which was really rad. i had an older cd of copeland, that i always liked. so i picked up the new one, and went to the show. to my surprise a band called peron L was opening up...(see: new favorite song post)...ended up being a wonderful night with my friend becca from mississippi.

i have also been to 2 ranger games...already! although the outcomes have been less than desireable, it is great to be back out at the ballpark.

we are also in the "less than 30 day countdown" to cancun...and i can't wait...

"i've got my life in a suitcase...ready to run run run away" - copeland