Feb 24, 2010

|| dj jazzy air-on ||

maybe i should just attach a link to my new rap video...ok...

please understand that i do not think i am a rapper, nor do i want to be. i did this for a work presentation, and completely for the amusement of my co-workers.

let's just say they loved it.


(it doesn't look like a link, you might have to copy paste.)


Feb 17, 2010

|| the positives ||

my new favorite song...

Those boys don't come around here no more
Probably all moved far away
If they returned on the trains from the big cities
I wouldn't recognize their face

Because they've changed so much
That they might as well be someone else
At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite
Lord knows I've changed myself

I've still got this smile on
I wear it straight across my face
And if you still cannot see the positives
Then you're not looking my way

If you've changed so much
Or you might want to be someone else
Run the risk of being an impressionist
We should all become ourselves

...band is called Person L

Feb 15, 2010

|| things that dont go right ||

also known as "my life"...

not that i need to be reminded that its god's plan and not mine, but each day that passes is proof that i am not even close to being in control of my life. even the things in my life i should be able to control, i can't.

what is significant(cool?) about this revelation, is that i am more ok with it these days. just when i think my life might be normal, it goes a totally different direction. i wonder if (maybe) i'm that person that everybody knows, who's life is a lil more messed up than their's...

regardless, there is a part of the uncertainty that is teaching me to trust god. (words previously unheard of) i trust that god will open the doors i need to walk through, and close the ones i need to avoid. i trust that in any situation i can learn how to be a better man.

my solitude IS a heartache, but a good one right now.

don't get me wrong, i can't wait for it to be over...but for now i must be ok with it.

Feb 8, 2010

|| super bowl sunday ||

drew brees and peyton manning

2 of the good guys. what can i say that hasn't already been said about these guys: class acts, family guys, involved in the community, winners, gracious in victory and defeat.

i couldn't root for one team in this super bowl. i cheered saints plays, and i cheered colts plays. i was sad when the saints sealed the game because i wasn't ready for it to be over.

'the who' did not impress. they just didn't. call me a snobby musician, but if it weren't for csi shows, how many people would have recognized those songs? they aren't currently relevant to the musical landscape. i realize that many current relevant acts aren't suitable for that audience, but there are some out there that would have been just fine...and relevant.

(just for fun, mute math would tear the stage apart...and i dont even like them that much)

i am happy for new orleans. i hope that all this momentum really does help the city, and it just wasn't some talk. i hope the people of new orleans realize WHY they won the game. it wasn't destiny. it was hard work, trusting teammates, prepared coaches, prepared players, trained players...it wasn't destiny or redemption from the katrina aftermath...it was victory.

i hope they apply that to building their community and city...that they find victory in building houses and schools, and consider that just as much of a victory as the game was.

personally, melissa and i threw a lil party at her place. invited old and new friends over. we had a nice time, even though my queso blanco was a disaster. (reminded me why i avoid the kitchen) but my cookies were amazing, thanks pillbusry.


Feb 4, 2010

|| rules of attraction ||

this is a strange subject...for the record, this has nothing to do with dating or anything like that, just people...and being attracted to being around them...

i am attracted to people for different reasons.

comfort-say i know someone who knows this person, and the person i know is of some credibility...this makes me more comfortable being myself around them. i like that...win.

humor-i'm not funny, but i like to think i am. so the people who can laugh off my retardedness...win.

smile-we live in a drab world. things suck sometimes...the haiti thing sucks, the wtc thing sucked, jobs suck, girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands suck...people who can handle the things in their life, to a point of being able to "hide" them, and smile...win.

(i'm not saying pretend they dont exist, just learn to balance the reality of a 'personal' bad situation, and still be friendly)

success-life is defined by success and failure. i have a good job without the proper education...success. i get to play drums a lot...success. i have a beautiful family that i adore...success. and those are a few things. people who can work towards, find, and achieve success...win.

sincere-there are so many ways to be sincere, but i noticed one sunday that hit me in a new way. it was the way someone responded to something, i wont ever forget it. complete stranger, that i wanted to know as soon i saw what happened...win.